2017 Troube Racing Season

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2017 FIA NitrOlympx Hockenheim

Trouble Racing Motorsport's Recap on the 2017 NitrOlympix
pictures by Rose Hughes and NitroShutter.com

We had a Badass Race Car with a strong & powerful Engine and a real Great Team, but conditions and technical
problems made us struggle, so we could only made two qualyfing passes.
On the Last Qualyfing Pass that Vette went down arrow straight down the groove, but the Blower dicided to Lift
with a Big Bang and Flames after 5.17 sec.(before 1000ft) the Car still went 6.35 and put us up to the thent Qualyfing
Spot against Micke Gullquist in Round one !
During Saturday Night we fixed all problems caused by the Blower Bang and we went more than ready into the
first round. After a perfect smoky Burnout the Main Fuelline was vibrated loose and started to drizzle and we been
made shutoff the Car by the safety Crew.
The only thing left about that first round was the opportunity to watch my opponent Micke Gullquist going 6.7s in a
pretty ugly,out of shape run with a couple off pedals !!
Honestly to say we had could handle this too.....
Next time we can do better, there's still a lot more in that Vette !!

2017 FIA Main Event
The latest that is MUCH overdue!
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 7/27/2017

Hmmmmmm.... What to do, what to do??? PLUS a shameless plug for two Great Sponsors, LJRC (Larry Jeffers Race Cars) and VP Race Fuels!

Hmmmmmm.... What to do, what to do??? PLUS a shameless plug for two Great Sponsors, LJRC (Larry Jeffers Race Cars) and VP Race Fuels!
Hello to one and all who follow my missives on this Stanley & Weiss Racing's website. It has been a hectic few months which is no excuse for not keeping
So, what have we been up to you ask? Lots and lots and then some more!
Two more PDRA races done that we are still trying to get a handle on this new
combination. And I have been to England to assist my good friend Marcus Hilt of Trouble Racing from Switzerland.

The race in England was once more at The Main Event at the always well-presented Santa Pod Raceway! Marcus had FINALLY sourced a better blower
for the Vette that was a much-needed addition from his friends Thomas and Brigitte Stiefel. And along with the blower came to new VERY able-bodied
crew members in the person of Thomas and Brigitte! PLUS, he gained the
loan of one of their crew members till they are ready to race again 2018!

And this crew came together as a team instantly and Marcus had
his "good driver" hat on straight all weekend! We whittled away at the tune-up
with the new blower and ended up as number twelve qualifier. This was after
one piston change after the third qualifier and TWO piston changes after the last qualifier! But the crew did a fantastic job and with
Marcus' spare parts and the loan of two wrist pins and four pin buttons from the infamous Fast Freddie Fagerström the engine was all
back together for the first round of eliminations. Thanks, Fast Freddie!

Wheels up and getting it! Back to back .990 60 foots!

Wheels up and getting it! Back to back .990 60 foots!
BUT did it rain as always you ask? Of course it did on Saturday just before a qualifying round but it all came good as the sun came out and the race went on! Sundays first round of elimination saw the Vette march RIGHT STRAIGHT down the middle of the race track with a soft tune-up and a win over the opponent in the other lane. Round two saw the Vette dodge a bullet the size of an atom bomb as Kev Slyfield turned on a pink light on the tree that went red!

The Vette meanwhile looked the part of a diesel car going down the race track when the clutch failed to lock up! But we were into the semifinals and then, YEPPERS it rained and rained and rained some more!

All in all, it was great outing for an underfunded team staffed with GREAT people! Bring on Hockenheim, Germany in August!

2016 Trouble Racing Season

2015 Trouble Racing Season
2015 Santa Pod Main Event With Trouble Racing Motorsports Pro Mod
How Cold Was It???
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 6/10/2015

Marcus Hilt's sinister looking Trouble Racing Corvette Pro Mod in the staging lanes It was as THEY say, BLOODY cold at Santa Pod Raceway in Merry Ole England few weekends ago! It all started as soon as I walked out the door of the airline terminal in London with my friends Wayne and Gaz Nicholson! Having seen this show before I pulled a jacket out of my carry on to keeping from being covered in frost!

We proceeded to motor up the highway of life towards the countryside where the race track is hidden away. As it was getting close to lunchtime a nice meal was     to be sought. Wayne stopped in a nice little town and proceeded to find us a GREAT place for lunch. His choice did not start out so well as he could not get the door to open! The proprietor evidently had no idea who he was. But to his rescue came two ladies who swiped their entry cards and Wayne walked right in behind them just as if he was a member there! And a beautiful quaint old place it was where the youngest person in the bar dining area was a conservative 75 years old and she was on what had to be her tenth pint of a dark brew at lunchtime.

Wayne Nicholsons Lucky Devil Corvette pro mod at full songAt a table by the window sat an old English pensioner reading the paper with his antique lighted magnifying glass whilst the group at the bar carried on solving the village's problems. But a great meal was had by all while we observed the goings on around us. A quite enjoyable experience it was.

Just before we were about to leave a really lovely older lady dressed to the nines appeared and sat down in one of the very plush chairs and proceeded to read the older gentlemen's paper and have her pint of brew. As Wayne paid for our lunch and we got ready to leave I noticed that the lady was having quite the snooze in that comfy chair, god love her! Beer, great friends and a lunchtime nap by a sunny window! Im thinking she deserved all of that!

We arrived at the track without any other issues and it was on to Marcus Hilt, Wayne and their teams to set up their pits. And as evening arrived on us a meal prepared by Chef Andy Howald was devoured by all in Marcus' pit while Belinda Nicholson fed her gang.

Thursday dawned windy and chilly, how chilly you ask??? When I went outside at 7:00AM it was THIRTY FIVE degrees! Now this is in late May mind you! But we wanted to make a test hit with Marcus' Pro mod so the crew set about preparing the car. A nice calm fat and happy tune-up gave Marcus a nice 6.3 run to baseline from. And then it was on to the Friday qualifying session.

Marcus again put up another 6.3 second run as a duplicate to the day before. Wayne was ready to make a run at the track next and after his not so good outing at the last race he did a great job on his first run although he had to pedal the car several times.
The second qualifier gave Marcus two new personal bests with a run of 6.25 at almost 225 miles per hour. Not so bad for a bucks down team that races only two or three times a year! Friday was a do nothing day for the professional classes so going over things and visiting with all my European friends that I only see once or twice a year was my day.

Fast Fil and his bride Basak trying to convince me I needed to ride this. NOT on my bucket listThe first round of eliminations on Monday saw Marcus break a crankshaft in his motor which ended his chances of going any further rounds.

Wayne sat in the staging lanes as an alternate hoping to get another chance at the race track. He did after the second round of eliminations and left the race track that evening with his "mojo back"!

Well done to both teams as they persevered through thick and thin and enjoyed themselves doing so.

2014 European Pro Mod Final Championship Points Standings
We managed with attending only two of five Races to sit two spots higher than the 2013 FIA Championship

  13th Position of 33 Racers in the FIA ProMod Championship with 93 points
 16th Position in the MSA British Pro Modified Championship with 52 points
15th Position in the Santa Pod Racers Club Championship
with 300 points

2014 FIA European Finals Santa Pod

Trouble Racing Motorsports 2014 FIA Finals Recap

We left last Tuesday with our new Truck and Trailer Switzerland towards the never raining Island where we supposed to race the Final FIA Racing Weekend for this Season.

After a 29 hour drive we finally arrived at the Track which has supplied us with perfect wheater all weekend long !
This time were supposed to be a very limited Team, on numbers down to four, incl. myself as driver, for the Truck/Trailer and the Punisher Corvette. Andy, Sabrina, Moose and Me, with some additinonal help from our friends from Blood Lines Racing, Laura, Ian and Chris.
After setting up the Pit's and putting the Vette trough Tech, everything was ready thursday night.

   Just a quick shot to set the Car to Track conditions and we will be ready for Friday 's first round of qualyfing which put us up against Andy Robinson.

That arrow straight and save run gave us a good baseline off the trailer to a 6.46@220mph, even lifted early at 1000ft.
        We gave her some power back for the next round which the track didnt liked, so i had to lift while it shook badly 2nd to third,but, the timeslip showed a 6.29 @ over 220mls.

This is another PB in at the 1/4 and the 1/8 with 4.09 and a top 60ft. time with 0.998

So were nicely Qualyfied in the middle of a stout field as number 10.
Saturday we tried pretty hard to find a tune up which was more drivable between not to shake and still lock the clutch in third gear.

None worked out good but just two more runs between 6.38 and 6.70.
We calmed the car even more down for the first round against Norbert Kuno, which has been running a 6.10 in Qualyfing.
I had to cut a good light on the tree, which i did with a .045 but Kuno put a Redlite on the Tree !

                                    So we are in the game to the next round, the run was a rather ugly one with 1.04 to the 60ft. and 6.71 @ 219mph and several lifts on ist way.
Second Round i had to take on Andy Robinson, who had his Bersonal Best of 5.98 at the last Qualifying Round, so again the major thing was to strap him on the Tree with a holeshot, and possible have a neverlift run and no shake.

I left Andy with a supherp .022 to a .078 on the Tree but hit shake on top of first gear, a quick backpedal and chase the orange ’69 Camaro downtrack, while see him at my left window, he hit shake and i was ahead, but Andy recovered and we both passed the finish line with Mr. Robinson ahead with a margin of victory by just 0.0924 seconds.

This put our storming and almost perfect weekend to a end, but we learned a lot in tuning and driving that Black Bitch at our own, met a lot of our Fans and Friends and had cool weekend with almost NO parts damage on the Car.
Finally to say “we will be back for more, next season at the Pod“

2014 FIA Nitrolympx Hockenheim

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2013 European Pro Mod Final Championship Points Standings

  15th Position of 46 Racers in the FIA ProMod Championship with 85 points
  16th Position in the MSA British Pro Modified Championship with 107 points
15th Position in the Santa Pod Racers Club Championship
with 540 points

Corvette Super Sunday in Buchs,AG
We had our Vette out on Display for CHEVROLET SWITZERLAND at the largest Corvette Meet in Europe

Withdrawl from FIA FINALS and MSA National Finals 2013

A broken and split in half Main Cap at our only Engine caused us to withdral our Entry
from the FIA Finals and National MSA Finals in Santa Pod and put our 2013 Season to a unforeseen end.

New Personal Best at the NitrOlympixs in Hockenheim

In the first Qualyfying Round at the NitrOlympix the Vette decided to go a arrow stride
6.375 @ only 213 mph (340.58 km/h) off the Trailer, this with the Blowerbelt ripped off
at 4.7 seconds.
Don't imagine what the Vette could be able to run, after some computer work, we figured out
that we where on lazy leaving 6.1xx something run. The sixty feet was a OK 1.047 sec.

Off the Trailer 6.37 Personal Best

Into this run three Cylinders went too lean, so the Engine decided to eat up three Pistons.
We tought this gonna be a easy fix, prepped and changed those three slugs and went for o
regulary maintenace schedule, as Andy figured out that the number four Maincap broke into pieces.

This put us again on a weekend that startet in
perfect manner and ended sudden in a mechanic desaster.        With just that one qualifying run we'd still been able                         to sit at number seven spot in a tough ProMod qualyfiying
It was even harder, not to be able to show your Weapons for Sunday Eliminations !

MSA Summernationals Santa Pod
Race Report will be published here soon !

Marcus Hilt, Swiss Pro Mod Drag Racing Team At Santa Pods
FIA Main Event

By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 6/23/2013
Photos By: Ivan Sansom

Wheels up and away!
By late May it was time to yet again fly across the Atlantic Ocean to race with my Swiss friend Marcus Hilt of Trouble Racing. Once more I would venture forth to Santa Pod Raceway situated in the land of the persistent large rain drops. And once again neither Santa Pod nor England disappointed us all.

Thursday's landing at Heathrow Airport in London was done in a light rainy mist which had become a bit more rain by the time my friend Andy had gotten us to the track. And of course this bit of rain became a lot of rain AND hail and more rain AND even more hail! So of course Thursday's scheduled test session was turned into a non event. After a great meal created in the brand new Trouble Racing's portable kitchen it was off to bed to make up for the lost sleep from the flight over. With dreams of sunny days and a dry racing weekend in my mind I snuggled down under the twelve feet of Swiss blankets provided to ward off the COLD and away to the Land of Nod I went.

The Trouble Racing crew preparing to get things fixed
I awoke Friday morning to the sound of massive rain drops on the roof of the trailer boding ill for Friday's scheduled racing. But that other fickle lady, Mother Nature teased us all morning with sunny skies and a few cars down the track only to slap us yet again with a shower. Then a few more cars and then another shower till with a loud roar of laughter she inundated the facility with rain by the bucket loads for the balance of the day and for good measure added some snow mixed in just to make it interesting. That wicked witch had no idea it was May's end and really did not care. So another good meal from the portable kitchen was devoured by one and all and an evening of fellowship was had by the mini Swiss army of people in attendance.

And then Mother Nature changed her mind yet again. She worked her good magic and gave us nothing but sunny days for the balance of the weekend. The winds were fairly stout and it was a bit chilly at times but the racing was good. We had discovered a broken ring in one cylinder after the last qualifier on Sunday along with a head gasket that was leaking. One was fixed and one had a bit of McGyver magic applied to it and after two days of qualifying it was into the eliminations rounds for the matte black Vette of Marcus Hilt.

Marcus does performs a flawless burnout in front of crowd.
We had a first round win when our opponent had an unfortunate mechanical failure but we also had a head gasket that needed more attention. And this time it really needed some massive McGyver TLC! But get that it did and we made the second round call with a few minutes to spare. But our weekend ended when Marcus had no chance of catching the other Swiss Vette in the opposite lane. But a good go at it he had.

Soon we shall achieve more than we are at this point in time but we are learning and growing together. And all of this from a team that only races together twice a year is quite the improvement. These gains are being noted and commented on by our fellow competitors which bodes well for the future. BUT the Hockenheim round in Germany is coming up in August and we shall see what that brings. We have high hopes for yet more achievements. The only way to progress is upwards and that is the spiral we are ascending!

2012 European Pro Mod Final Championship Points Standings

14th Position of 54 Racers in the FIA ProMod Championship with 119 points

11th Position in the MSA British Pro Modified Championship
with 117 points

11th Position in the Santa Pod Racers Club Championship
with 320 points

FIA European Finals 2012

With Marcus Hilt And Trouble Racing Team

Finally at the End of the 2012 Racing Season we had been able to run another personal Best
in the 3rd Round of Qualyfing

6.700 sec. @ 213.79 mls (344 km/h TopSpeed)

In this run i had to pedal twice and the clutch setting was way too loose, so there is still a lot more
in it.

This puts us on the tophalf of the Ladder with lanechoice against Roger Moor in the first Round.
Unfortunately in the last qualyfing run another Rod let go and blackened the Crankshaft too bad,               so were not able to race the first round.
Again, we had to call it a weekend with all the best outsights to advance some rounds !!

BILSPORT Pro Modified Review European Finals 2012

There was a moment to savour in Saturday morning’s third qualifying session: Marcus Hilt set new personal bests. Indeed, not only did he beat his old marks, he zapped them with some style.
Hilt had crept into the 200mph zone as recently as last year but his 7.074sec ET best had been set back in the mists of time.
On each occasion he came to the line, over the years, Hilt’s Corvette looked set to deliver the goods but, each time, it would never quite happen.
So a special cheer went up when the ‘Vette whipped through the lights at 6.700/213.79/344.06.
Sad to say, breakage occurred in the fourth session and kept the Swiss driver from eliminations.
Nevertheless, Hilt had qualified in the top half of the field and a new standard has been set. The car looks and sounds the business and should now start acting it.
Fans will be willing Hilt on to higher heights next year.

NitrOlympx 2012: Pro Mod Racing in Germany

With Marcus Hilt And Trouble Racing Team
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 8/29/2012
Photos Courtesy Of Ivan Sansom and Camp Stanley

Marcus Hilt Trouble Racing Corvette Pro Mod Getting ready to rock and roll!This long awaited racing weekend was to start on Friday for all competitors with two rounds of Pro qualifying scheduled for Friday afternoon/evening. But this was not to be as the race track surface had developed some serious issues after its power wash three weeks earlier prior to the Formula One race. The track staff worked diligently to try and prepare the track for the horsepower that was about to attack it. They treated it and drug it and treated it and drug it long into the night throughout the week. The decision was sadly made to cancel the Pro sessions on Friday so they could continue in their attempts to prepare the track. Marcus Hilt "Trouble Racing" and I along with his entire crew were ready to race but sadly we would have to wait out the night!

Saturday dawned a beautiful day for the racers without a cloud in the sky and no rain forecast for days. This was a welcome sight for the racers who had gathered from all of Europe to contest this drag race. They have been plagued with rain at almost every round this year and it was fantastic to see the blue skies and the desire to race. But the largest issue was still the race track. It did not appear to be cooperating so well to the efforts of the track staff. The powers that be ran three rounds of sportsman cars in an attempt to get some rubber down on the track for the high horsepower cars. But this was all to no avail.

The first round of qualifying gave credence to the term "pedal fest"! No one got down the track at all in any kind of a representative fashion. But Marcus came out of that first round of Pro Mod qualifying as the number one qualifier with an 8.34 at a bit over 195! And this was in field that had four to five race cars that are proven five second runners! My old guy theories for getting a car down a marginal race track stood me in good stead throughout the weekend. I told Marcus before the first round not to worry about the race track and to use his "Supermarket Valet Parking Racer" skills in the driver's compartment and he would be fine. I assured him that we would go down this track whether or not anyone else did! The car may not be fast, it may not be pretty but we would go from end to the other! And do it we did! We were the only Pro Mod to get down the track all three times the entire weekend. We ended up number four qualifier with an 8.10 pass and posted the third fastest speed for the Pro Mods at a bit over 200MPH! I told John Smith, he of Top Fuel crew chief fame that it was like being at a match race in Dorchester, South Carolina on a starry Saturday night!

And the oil pressure issues that were plaguing Marcus'
JanCen Racing Engines power plant for the last several years were solved as well, thanks yet again to the very same recommendation Mike Janis made to me about our own oiling issues at the ADRL Z Max race. As I have said before "it is great to have knowledgeable friends that are willing to impart that knowledge".

Marcus Hilt Trouble Racing Corvette Pro Mod pit area
Sunday dawned another beautiful sunny day and the facility was fast filling up with spectators eager to take in the spectacle that is European drag racing. But as the old stories say, "Alas and alack" there was to be no Pro racing on this Sunday. The Pro racers held a meeting and determined that they felt the track was unsafe for elimination style competition. The offer was made by the powers that be to any racer who wished to have some "demo runs" for the fans. This offer was respectfully declined by almost the entire group of Pro racers.

I will not delve into the whys and wherefores of the decisions that were made to race, not to race or anything else about what was going to be an outstanding racing weekend. As an outsider it is not my place to render opinions or make suggestions. I just feel really bad for the racers who made the investment to attend the round and to the spectators who paid good money to see great racing. Hopefully some decisions can be made to eliminate this ever happening again. These decisions must be made if the European drag racing community is going to survive as a true multi-national championship entity. Good luck to all in accomplishing that chore.

While You're Here, Take A Look At The Qualifying Runs, Marcus Hilt is the Black 63 Corvette with "Old School Flames In Primer Wrap".
Because of video length We've Given You Links:

Drag Racing 2012 - Pro Mod Qualy #1 - NitrOlympX Hockenheim
Drag Racing 2012 - Pro Modified Qualy #2 - NitrOlympX Hockenheim
Drag Racing 2012 - Pro Modified Qualy #3 - NitrOlympX Hockenheim

NitrOlypx 2011: Some Things Never Change For Us

Trouble Racing Corvette Pro Mod with Camp Stanley at the NitrOlimpx 2011
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 8/19/2011
Photos Courtesy Of Ivan Sansom & Patrik Jacobsson

As I wrote in the last ongoing saga of Stanley & Weiss racing I was to be off to Hockenheim, Germany for the next to the last round of the European FIA drag racing Championships last weekend. And what a weekend it was! And no one out there in cyberspace will probably believe this bit, BUT IT RAINED!!!! And, yes I am beginning to think that maybe it is me or it may be the fact that I am not supposed to ever be able to get Marcus Hilt’s Pro Mod down a race track in good fashion. Because that didn’t happen AGAIN, either!

When I arrived Thursday it was a beau tiful day and we set about changing the suspension on th e car to eliminate the gradual left turns under power we experienced at Santa Pod and made a few more little changes in readiness for Friday’s qualifying. And that is where the rain came into the picture. Friday morning dawned a bit overcast but it looked as if it would pass us o ver. NOT!!! Rain in buckets came and then slowed down till it finally stopped after abo ut two hours. That was the good part, it didn’t stay around and would not return until Sunday late enough to halt the finals due to the curfew!

And the Trouble Racing Pro Mod from Switzerland had another one of those weekends from Hades. I am ready to concede that I am never supposed to get this car this car down a race track from one end to the other under power! And this I know is not me! This team has to be the most star crossed Pro Mod team in the world. If anything dumb or stupid is going to happen it will happen to them. On the first hit the car went about twenty measly feet and spun the tires instantly. Marcus recovered well and hustled the car down the track but not even close to where it should have been because of the issues on the starting line. It was a complete surprise to one and all because on the very last hit in Santa Pod the car went .979 in the sixty foot! Because of several issues, we never made the second qualifier on the Friday. Another wasted opportunity…

So relegated to Saturday’s first round we were and at the hit the car did the same thing as the day before. Then it flipped a sprag in the transmission we thought so that ended that run. Marcus said the car was vibrating from something and when we got into the internals of the race car we found the rear main out of the motor which had created all the drama on both runs! And that ended our racing weekend once again!

Does It Ever Not Rain ON The Main Event?

Trouble Racing Corvette Pro Mod With Camp Stanley At Santa Pod
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 6/26/2011

Photos By Ivan Samson and Camp Stanley

Memorial Day weekend saw me once again winging my way across the Atlantic Ocean one more time bound for England to help my Swiss friend Marcus Hilt with his Corvette.

I just knew it wasn’t going to rain n me this time…. But was I mistaken! I have been to Santa Pod Raceway in England FOUR times and I have been rained on FOUR times! 

And this trip was no different. There was a test day scheduled for Thursday that we were to participate in but of course that was a complete washout! And as Friday was a day for the Sportsman classes only to qualify there was nothing on for me except for visiting with people. And that I do love to do! 

Saturday dawned COLD and WINDY and just a little bit of rain intermittently. We got our two qualifiers in all the while having race car 101 schooling. After weighing the car at the end of the run I realized the TMRC Corvette was 150 pounds OVERWEIGHT for the class.

So Saturday evening was spent removing all 327 weight bars Marcus had bolted in the car and replacing them with two pucks. This worked well as we went across the scales on Sunday at 27 pounds over. You haven’t lived till you weigh lead weights at a race track with a kilogram fish scale and a back that up with a borrowed set of kilogram bathroom scales (thanks Urban Johansson) and convert kilograms to pounds with a cell phone calculator!
Sunday was just as COLD and WINDY with same intermittent rain drops but we got both qualifiers in. The second qualifier enabled us to just make the field with a shut off 7.30 pass. But that pass did show the potential of the car by producing a .979 60 foot before Marcus had to lift before he crossed the centerline.
That was the best 60 foot pass out of any car on the grounds with the exception of Micke Gullqvist’s .960’s. And we were going to be able to race on race day! So we thought!.
Monday was to be the day of eliminations and to the staging lanes we went as Pro Mod was to be first out! That was a great plan till about 20 minutes after we were in the lanes it started to sprinkle which eventually became the steady downpour I have become way to familiar with! And that as they say, ended that! The rain never stopped and the event was canceled!

So now it will be on to Hockenheim, Germany for the Trouble Racing Team for their next go at that magic six second pass…

European FIA Round With Trouble Racing's Marcus Hilt

Hockenheim, Germany:
Racing Pro Mods In Europe
By Camp Stanley: Post Date: 9/4/2010

The European drag racing scene consists of FIA rounds all over Europe and to become the FIA champion you must be committed to traveling very long distances to race. For some to spend 30 plus hours on a ferry is not uncommon! And the costs are astronomical at any exchange rate or any currency.

I had committed to travel to the FIA round at the famous racing facility in Hochenheim, Germany with Marcus Hilt's Trouble Racing team, again. Our goal was to see about getting the car, the driver and the crew all dialed in and on the same page. Marcus has a great, dedicated crew and the team just needed some outside help in putting all the pieces in their correct places. It does take all three, part and parcel to make an operation work and work well. Marcus had fitted a late model Lenco between the frame rails of his TM 63 Split window to replace the 35 year old one that he had destroyed at the Santa Pod round in June. And JanCen Engines in Buffalo, NY had repaired the leftover head damages from Marcus' blowup at Hockenheim in 2009.

 So all that was left to do was to fit the bigger fuel pump to the car and then see if the car could go from one end to the other under power.

The first qualifying round on Friday proved that gremlins still abounded in the car. Marcus depressed the clutch to arm the two step and it did not come on when a relay decided to stop working. With that issue being diagnosed and repaired the Punisher was ready yet again to try and make a full pass.

With a decent 60 foot for a Littlefield blower at 20 over amongst all the DMPE pieces the Vette set sail till 3.6 seconds when the burst panel did it' s job! ONE more anomaly had shown up! The clip that holds the fuel shutoff cable broke and allowed the fuel shutoff to slowly go closed. All air and no fuel does not a happy combination make, so the burst panel ended that run as well.

Saturday dawned a beautiful day and the entire team was ready to finally show the true potential of the Swiss Pro Mod! The car left the line well and appeared to be doing a fairly good job of making its' way down the track until it nosed over and gave up an 8 second time slip. This was starting to really get to all of us! How many things can go wrong was heard from one and all!

When the crew tore into the car they quickly found the reason why the engine had stopped running 3 seconds in! A broken timing belt was the first sign of things not being happy internally. And after further diagnosis Marcus and the crew discovered not one but TWO broken connecting rods! And that ended yet another run at that elusive 6 second pass all were looking for! Although they were all dejected as is to be expected, the long faces did not stay long! They had all done their part and mechanical gremlins had been the cause of their demise, not any people failures.

So then there was nothing left to do but have another great meal in The Punisher pits! That is the one and only bad thing about working with this team. I would weigh 200 pounds if I ate with them all the time. They really, really eat well and I have enjoyed some great dishes that have names I can't pronounce. It is great to see and great to be a part of the camaraderie on this team. As I said earlier people are ALWAYS the key to success. So it will all have to be done again in 2011. There are no tracks for a Pro Mod in Switzerland so it looks like England again in the spring.

It Has Been Confirmed!
28.May 2010 Stanley and Weiss Racing Ventures To Santa Pod Raceway With Trouble Motorsports Racing Pro Mod
By Camp Stanley

The confirmation is that YES, I do have the world's greatest "job". I have just returned from my trip to Santa Pod Raceway in Merry Ole England. This trip was a return to a race track where my friend Brian Wood and I had ventured off to several years ago and observed 40 days and 40 nights of rain over a six day time span. To say that it rained hard would be a gross understatement of major proportions

So when I arrived at the track Wednesday afternoon after a visit to Andy Robinson's race car emporium and it started to sprinkle I had a massive case of deja vu! Not this again was all I could think! But after meeting all the crew on Marcus Hilt's "Punisher" Pro Mod Corvette we got straight into the suspension setup of the car. The harder we worked and the faster we worked, the harder it rained and the little rivers of water running through the pits was enough for us to just give up on it for the night. We had no recourse but to delve into the premixed stash of that margarita stuff manufactured by the infamous mixologist (I am not a bartender!) himself, Me! And it was received well by one and all! The WORLDWIDE reputation enjoyed by this drink has now been carried to the European side of the world.

Until we ran out of mix, they had been sampled by people from Texas, Sweden, England, Switzerland, France and Denmark. And it received its' just due in the compliment department.

But by Thursday afternoon it was wonderful t shirt weather! The first test hit with the Vette gave us reason for optimism as things went exactly as planned. Even though it was setup really weak the car went quicker by .04 in the 60 foot than ever and even more tenths in the eighth mile even though it was a planned shutoff. After some between rounds maintenance we went back for our shot of the day. The result should have forewarned us that we were not going to be very happy with our results on the weekend. The reverser broke on the burnout and then it was into the take two transmissions and try and make one mode.

Then Mother Nature intervened and gave us rain and lots of it all by the bucketloads!!! The entire qualifying Saturday session was washed away down the storm drains. So we went into the Sunday qualifying with the expectations of three shots to gather some data. This was not to be as well since the track was plagued by a myriad of happenings that stopped the racing dead in its tracks! Everything from the Christmas tree being run over and destroyed to a massive power outage to the ENTIRE facility. Both of our runs were ruined by nagging little issues that the testing and the first couple of qualifiers were going to show us. NOT!!! On the first run the two step malfunctioned and his borrowed transmission broke when the large Swiss fellow plugged it into second gear. And that ended our racing adventures for the weekend!

I spent a lot of time on Sunday watching some racing and talking with people. Roger Burgess had flown his Camaro along with Mr and Mrs Al Billes, Mr and Mrs Darren Mayer, several of the crew and Ms Melanie Troxel to enter the race. The Camaro qualified for the field but lost its first round race. But the tuning people on the team came back and showed why they are at the top of their game in the US. The Camaro logged a 5.93 at over 242mph on an exhibition pass. Never sell Al Billes short! He was just one run shy of my prediction to the track announcer…… And how about that pair of young brothers in the Rockstar Energy Drink sponsored ex-John Russo Firebird! A true honest to goodness 6.0 bracket car that just never ceased to amaze everyone on the grounds and they won the event with those kinds of numbers!

What can be said for Urs Urbachers' 4.70 Top Fuel dragster? 4.70s at will when he needed them and a new European speed record as well at almost 315 mph.

All in all it was an enjoyable experience and one that I hope to experience again. Thank you to Santa Pod Raceway, Marcus Hilt along with his entire crew, all the many people who took the time to stop and speak with me and especially to all the fans who persevered to witness a GREAT drag race .

Well done one and all