1963 Splitwindow Corvette / FIA Pro Modified
            built 2003 by TM Racecars (Tommy Mauney).

Best Performance to Date:
1/4 Mile  6.24 sec at 224mph ( 358.4 km/h)
1/8 Mile 4.01 sec at 176mph ( 281.6 km/h )
Best 60ft 0.976 sec.

JAN-CEN Racing 526 Engine,  8,6 Liter Blower Motor, BAE Billet wide Block with BAE stage VI Billet Heads.

Estimated power is about 3000 Horsepower, this Horsepower is enough to accelerate a Pro Mod Car in about than 6 seconds to over 360 km/h.

Chassis & Body
Hairy Glass Carbonfiber Body, Doors and Frontend.

Double Frame Rail chrome moly 25.iE Chassis with Funnycar Cage and 115inch 

The Rear Suspension is all Tim McAmis containing a HD 4-Link, Torsion Bar, 
Wishbone and
Santhuff Coilover Shocks.

The Rear End is a Tim McAmis Prisma Floater with 4.57 ratio, MW 40 spline axles.
MW center section with 9 1/2" gear with Carbon Rear Brakes
2 Stroud Launcher Chutes
Lamb Coilover Struts are installed at the front Suspension with Stiletto.
Rack & PinionSteering.

The Car weights Race Ready 2650 Lbs ( 1192 Kg) including Driver.

521 cid.Blown,Alky Injected 4.476" Bore x 4.150" Stroke BAE Billet Block.

with BAE VI billet Hemi Heads. Compression Ratio is about 12:1.

The Engine Design by Mike Janis at JAN-CEN Racing Engines in Elma, NY


Blower is a DMPE M5 14-71 Hi-Helix with Jan-Cen mod’s 
@ 20% OD. The Carbon Injector is made by JBR
NGK Sparkplugs are fired by a state of the Art MSD 44 Pro Mag Ignition with MSD PowerGrid.

The Fuelsystem with leanouts is designed with Camp Stanley & JAN-CEN.

Racepack V300Computer with G-meter, fuelpressure, flowmeter and 8 EGT's.

3 Speed CS1 Lenco Transmission, manually shifted by Air-Shifter. 
Lakewood 8 1/8"  Steel Bellhousing.                        
Crower Triple Disc 11" Clutch.

Wheels & Tires 

Front Wheels: 15" x 4,5" Weld Racing Pro Lite  with 25” Hoosier Tires in the front
Rear Wheels:  16” x 16”  Mickey Thompson Billet Dbl. Beadlock ProFive 16”x16” Wheels with
Hoosier or Mickey Thomson 34,5" x 17" x 16" Dragslicks are mounted in the back.