Trouble Racing Team Crew 2011

Marcus Hilt

- Team Owner
- Driver
- Master engine killer
Brigitte Hilt

- Food
- Tidy up the pits
- Wife
Marc Stoffel

- Clutch
- Lenco


Camp Stanley

- Crew Chief


Patrizia Koch

- Fotographer
- Food


Andy Howald

- Engine rightsider
- Blower

Maurus Koch

- Towing
- Fireworks
- Food


Bruno Zollinger

- Truck driver
- Logistics

Sabrina Jaccard

- Clutch / Lenco
- Back Up at Track

Trouble Racing's has a most dedicated team of mechanics, but these guys have only one thing on their minds as they rigorously prepare the car after each round...

Their sole purpose and mission in life is to potentially shoot their boss as fast as they can down a long stretch of asphalt.
They are however by no means a bunch of chaotic maniac mechanics...
These guys need to be focused, precise and are all experts at the jobs.

They are assigned to working together like a well oiled machine. More often than not, these guys need to strip the engine and drive train down in less than two hours ready for the next round.

Special thanks to my Friend's at

Fat Attack Racing Team :  Urs Erbacher and the Gang

            From Left to Right: Andy, Moose, Marcus, Urs

About me and my Team

My Name is Marcus Hilt.
I'm the owner & driver of this awsome looking and fast Doorslammer.
I am 52 years old. Since about twentyfive years, I own a Speed-Shop and Garage near Basel, Switzerland.
I’m active in Dragracing since 1982.
Some of my other hobbies are Dogs, Skiing and Power-Boats.